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For more than 14 years, DecorArt Design, Painting & Finishing has been perfecting the art of ornamental plaster and other techniques making your home, your business look exceptionally decorated and tasteful.

The designs we manufacture are the following materials: Fibrous Plaster with Fibrous Pieces, Plaster Reinforced with Hemp Fiber and Steel Rods (where applicable).

Many of our designs are also available in Polyester Resin. With these designs, all surfaces should be painted and each joint properly filled and puttied.

Our extensive collection of designs include Cornices, Moldings, Brackets, Grilles, etc. Also, period styles include Gothic, Victorian, Renaissance, Colonial, English, Art Deco and Modern. In addition, any item from your model can be reproduced

Simplicity carried to an extreme becomes elegance

our story

Our Experience


Our mission is to offer the best design and decoration solutions for private houses, churches, theaters, historical and government buildings, maintaining the highest quality standards, respecting the environment.

We are constantly searching for processes that allow us to be more productive and competitive in the market with quality and good finishes, obtaining greater benefits for our clients, and our own reason at the architectural level.


Our vision is to be a leading company in the solution of interior design and architectural decoration, using the most modern methodologies in the transformation of spaces, respecting the needs of our customers. 

It is for this reason that we contribute all our knowledge and trajectory so that the space of your dreams becomes a reality.


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